Retail Packaging

For retail carryout bags, including College and University bookstores, MultiPlast Systems provides several options to maximize green initiatives.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Retail & Specialty

The Packaging Variety

Bag Options

We offer a range of bag types, from Square Bottom to die-cut handles, catering to diverse needs. Whether it’s T-shirt bags or wave top bags, our offerings are versatile and available for import or domestic production, with or without sustainable additives.

Understanding the "Generic Stocked Bookstore" Bag

Ever wondered about those nondescript bookstore bags? We stock them in three sizes, suitable for various needs, and are available with or without our BEDA® additive for sustainability.
Sustainability Choices
Why print without additives? It’s a question of priorities. While additives aid landfill degradation, some opt for a simpler approach. Choose between printed or unprinted bags tailored to your preferences, with or without sustainable additives.
Beyond the Webpage
While bullet points offer a concise overview, our commitment goes deeper. We’re dedicated to providing quality packaging solutions, from die-cut handles to patch handles, with a focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Join Us

Whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise, packaging is a crucial aspect of your brand identity. Partner with us for sustainable, customizable packaging solutions tailored to your needs. Welcome to the world of retail packaging innovation.
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