Hospitality Packaging

MultiPlast provides the hospitality industry with environmentally friendly products such as trash can liners, ice bucket liners, and generic or custom print laundry bags.

Eco Friendly Packaging


Elevate Your Hospitality Experience with Sustainable Solutions

At MultiPlast Systems, We have been working with hospitality companies since 2002. With a robust clientele and the largest hospitality distributor globally, our experience speaks volumes.

Experience the BEDA ® Difference

Our proprietary additive, BEDA®, can be incorporated into various hospitality products, such as textiles, serving as a substitute for plastics. This can reduce the overall use of plastic. This unique solution allows for the production of necessary items like soap bar packaging, toiletry tubes, shower curtains, and more while still minimizing plastic consumption.

Packaging Considerations Redefined

In the hospitality industry, sustainability is paramount. While there are no strict guidelines, the conscious choice is clear: eco-friendly solutions. MultiPlast steps in where others fall short, offering sustainable packaging options unmatched in the industry.

Packaging Essentials for the Hospitality Industry

The list is endless, from laundry bags to garbage can liners, ice bucket liners, coffee cups, bottles, caps, tubes, shower curtains, and more. We provide everything your establishment needs, ensuring your guests enjoy a seamless, guilt-free experience.

Did You Know?

A hotel brand with 500,000 rooms generates a staggering 12.5 million (6,250 tons) pounds of plastic waste each year.

Let that sink in. But here’s the twist: By embracing MultiPlast’s BEDA® can liners and other  Bags, you transform this waste into degradable material, significantly reducing environmental strain.

Join the Sustainable Revolution

We’re not just about providing solutions but about revolutionizing the industry. With BEDA® Bags, your hotel becomes a beacon of sustainability, aligning with eco-conscious guests and reducing your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Make the Switch Today

Take the first step towards a greener future. Request BEDA® Bags by MultiPlast and witness the transformation. Let your brand’s environmental commitment shine through, one sustainable choice at a time.

Ready to embark on a journey of sustainability? Explore our range of stocked bags and kickstart your eco-friendly initiative today.

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